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Sebastião Lobo is an up-and-coming Portuguese jeweler and conceptual artist with an outstanding personal aesthetic.  He has already produced an impressive array of solitary pieces as well as several thematic collections; despite being wildly diverse in appearance, they all carry his signature style. 

We have always been very fond of his work and it’s with great pleasure that we collaborated together. Sebastiao’s distinct craftsmanship and technique, bringing the touch of meaningful surrealism that we long for.

Kheper jacket and pendant



The scarab, not content of being one of the strongest animal on the planet, also bears a deep symbolic meaning. The ancient Egyptians believed the insect to be born full and from nothingness, like the sun, rising every day from behind the horizon, and made him the bearer of his light, thus bringing the promise of a new day.  

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Orobouros bracelet 



The serpent biting its own tail is one of the oldest symbols of mankind. Although it has been found in a wide array of cultures around the world, it’s believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. It represents the continuum of existence, the constant cycle of life, death and new life. Something never to forget in times of trouble. 

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